On My Radar | 12 Days of Luna Rosa

Written by: Elyse O’Dwyer

Photography by: Robert Socha

Diane Stiglich of Hoboken’s Luna Rosa Home shares a curated list of thoughtful and creative holiday gifts to make our hearts sing for 12 days!

We spoke with Diane Stiglich of Luna Rosa, with her shop full of curated home items about thoughtful and creative holiday gifts and it made our hearts sing!


♫ On the twelfth day of Christmas, Luna Rosa gave to me—

♫Twelve Glow Candles Shining ♫

Unique candles by Mackenzie-Childs, an exceptional designer with a checkerboard signature make excellent gifts. Pick up some beautiful candle holders or bask in the radiance of the champagne candle that looks like champagne bubbles.


♫Eleven Coasters Glittering ♫

Agate coasters with gold or silver flashing on the edges look beautiful under drinks or candles. A gorgeous and grounding element for all seasons!


♫Ten Teas A-steaming ♫

Give the gift of serenity with teas like dream catcher, winter cheer, and peace of mind from Flying Bird Botanicals.


♫Nine Diffusers Perfuming ♫

A little aromatherapy with a lot of style, these refillable porcelain poinsettia flowers emit a delightful fragrance for an extended period of time.


♫Eight Glasses For Toasting ♫

These unique cocktail glasses with sparkling rims for festivity have a handmade look. 


♫Seven Cases – Silky ♫

Silk pillowcases in their beautiful silk pouches make the ultimate luxurious gift. They are wonderful to sleep on and they help reduce wrinkles and hair damage.


♫Six Jigsaw Puzzles ♫

Artful and creative puzzles including double sided puzzles at a variety in difficulty.


♫Five Golden Vases ♫

Decorative vases for centerpieces, shelves, and gifting. “When I select, I’m very particular. I’m looking for something that’s beautiful, but at a good value.”


♫Four Snowy Globes ♫

A unique coworker Christmas gift or home office accessory. “It’s actually a meditation aide, it falls at just the right pace that it holds our interest, but it calms you down. People don’t get impatient in our store at Christmas time, and I think it’s partially because of the snow globes.”—says Diane.


♫Three Kazi Baskets ♫

Kazi baskets make beautiful thoughtful gifts you can feel good about. Kazi operates under Aid for Trade so the artists in Africa who make them and are paid a fair wage.


♫Two Cozy Throws ♫

Super soft throw blankets, even and the faux furs are washable, and they make great gifts because “they’re going to make you feel good.”


♫And… Stylish Mugs For Coffee And Tea ♫

These big mugs keep your coffee hot and feel great in your hands with beautiful hand-drawn images of animals from Laura Zindel
For more gift inspiration and design ideas, check out Luna Rosa @LunaRosaHome on Instagram