Real Estate

Home Tours | Creating a Third Bedroom

Written by: Kaja Bolton

Photography by: Robert Socha

Itโ€™s a rarity in Hoboken to find a large three bedroom, so when possible, many Hobokenites are finding ways to transform two bedroom condos into three. It not only increases the value, but fills an unmet demand.
Sandra and Eric were among those looking for such a place with few options. In 2011, I found them a unit on the 9th floor of Hudson Tea that, after a reconfiguration, gave them the coveted third bedroom.
The extra space came from a dedicated dining room, leading out from a galley kitchen. By shifting the unit to an open concept design, they gained a bedroom from this dining room, adding elegant french doors with a transom. In turn, the galley kitchen was opened up and now overlooked the living and dining areas. Modern in feel and great for keeping an eye on their growing family, this reimagined unit was their home for the next five years. When we sold the apartment in 2017 as a three bedroom/three bath, they got roughly $250,000 more than a two bedroom in the same building would have thanks to the improved layout and functionality.