On My Radar | Custom Creative Wine Cellars

Written by: Elyse O'Dwyer

Photography by: Joe Kline



Gone are the days that wine collections are banished to basement storage. The modern wine cellar places your collection where it belongs, where you live. We caught up with Joe Kline at Joseph & Curtis about some creative and beautiful custom wine cellar options that are possible even in tight spaces. These inspired, modern wine cellars add real design to their homes, and they store all your wine, which is pretty great too!


With new construction, it’s possible to really make a statement, such as “cabs over pinot.” This cellar feels like an art installation & art is meant to be appreciated, enjoyed & eventually emptied.

Staircase Wine Cellars

Under the stairs is a common wine cellar solution when you don’t have room to spare. Personally, I would rather find a treasure chest of wine than some old Christmas decorations.

LED Wine Cellars

Complement your collection with gorgeous LED lighting. This large wine cellar truly elevates the space & skews more work of art than dusty storage. My guess is you’ll love selecting the best option for meal pairing & your guests will want to scan your collection over & over again.


Forget about an accent chair that no one actually sits in. Gallery walls are out, corner wine cellars are in. Joseph and Curtis are able to refrigerate virtually in space in the home. You might be surprised what some overlooked square footage in your home can do.


Take advantage of a high ceiling, here’s an example of a cellar that’s filling some otherwise wasted space. You might not realize how much room you actually have to work with, when the sky (or eleven foot ceiling) is the limit. My suggestion, keep the good stuff out of reach so guests don’t grab it first.


Drywall? How about a wine wall? This dual-purpose cellar divides rooms to break up this studio loft. In a space like this, you’re really working with a blank canvas. This customer wanted something to delineate sleeping space from living space. Why count sheep when you can count bottles?


There’s a custom solution that’s perfect for any collection & space. Why let your wine get dusty in a cabinet when Joseph and Curtis can fit their passion into to your home.

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