On My Radar | 4 Easy Closet Upgrades

Written by: Dena Landon

Photography by: Robert Socha


A place for everything, and everything in its place. Nowhere is that truer than when it comes to your closets. A high-end closet doesn’t just store your clothes; it helps you sell an apartment. If it’s time for you to renovate your closet, here are four tips to turn it into a space that wows.

Design For Your Space

California Closets

Think about your closet’s layout and the space available. To expand a narrow closet, try bumping out a dropped ceiling and going upwards. If your closet space is deeper than it is wide, look to your closet doors.  You can install shoe cubbies or hooks for scarves and jewelry.


Interior Design Hoboken

Lucky enough to have room for a walk-in closet? Add bars at lower heights for skirts and blouses and using the space above to display your handbag collection.


Light It Up

Interior Design Hoboken

Have you ever tried getting dressed in the dark because you don’t want to wake up a sleeping spouse? It doesn’t work too well, does it? Don’t neglect to plan for lighting in your closet.


In a modular design with cubbies or shelves, try light strips along the top of each module to shine down on the items below. Also, try light insets to brighten the space.C

Keep Everything Visible and Within Reach

If you’re a clothes hound or a shoe addict with a stuffed closet, it’s easy to forget about that cute dress you bought on vacation. Keeping all your items visible ensures that you won’t neglect to wear a great piece.

Try slanted shelves for shoes, so that even the toes are visible on high shelves. Use dividers in drawers to keep things tidy and sunglasses and jewelry from tangling. Install a bar for hanging your clothes in the middle with drawers and shelves on either side.

Don’t Neglect the Finishing Touches

Whites and beiges

Pick a durable but high-end wood in a lighter color, as closets rarely get natural light. Light grey wood looks modern and doesn’t overwhelm.

Light Pallet

For pulls on drawers, think sleek and inspired, but also sturdy. Some drawers will be opened daily. Lighter metals such as brass and silver are popular and keep your closet feeling airy. Ornate designs look dated.

With a bit of thought, and following these tips, you can build your dream closet.