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Written by: Christine Broomhead

Photography by: Blackstock Photography & Robert Socha

Image by Blackstock Photography

Hoboken is blessed with some great interior designers. One whose work I’ve encountered and admired time and again is Joanne Laurie, the woman behind J Laurie Designs.  

— Kaja Bolton


Joanne, like Kaja, is a fellow expat. Hailing from Canada. She went to college and then design school there before moving to the States with her husband. She took a brief hiatus from design after having a family, but as her children grew, and she and her husband took on a cottage renovation, her love for interior design was reignited. After helping a few friends and then friends of friends redesign their spaces, she started to build a business, and she called it J Laurie Designs. 


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Image by Robert Socha

Joanne’s designs tend toward the traditional, with clean lines and a touch of glamor. Her spaces are warm and comfortable, precisely executed but easy to live in. Of course, like all good designers, she customizes each space to meet the style of its inhabitants “it’s about my clients,“ she says. “I want them to love their house.” She starts by getting a feel for what inspires them. Pinterest and Houzz are the go to websites for any interior designer trying to tease out their clients preferences. Then she’ll bring samples of materials and an array of furniture options and narrow it down.  

“It’s about my clients, I want them to love their house.”

With a recent project on Garden Street, her goal was to add grander without opulence, so she kept the bones of the home, added a vintage marble fireplace in the bedroom and crown moulding. In some rooms, like the bedroom, she wanted to make the space feel soft. To create this effect she painted the moulding and the walls the same grey color, giving the bedroom texture and a sense of added height without calling attention to the formal elements.  


In the bathroom, Joanne wanted to make a statement, so she used patterned wallpaper. She also recommends for smaller spaces, patterned tile to add flare. Lighting is another fixture she likes to have fun with. She thinks in layers, using picture lights for artwork and big lights with a high end look to illuminate her rooms.  

Images by Robert Socha

Joanne’s favorite element to pick out are the drapes. “Drapes can change a space very quickly, especially in Hoboken brownstones,” she explains. The right drapes can add warmth and luxury or they can make a room feel modern. She gravitates towards simple drapes in a solid color with tons of texture. She also looks for options with trim. “No two drapes ever have to look alike,” she says. 


In every project, Joanne brings sense of refinement while looking for opportunities to be unique, creating beautiful spaces her clients love.

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Image by Robert Socha