About Town | J Patryce Design Refining Interiors

Written by: Christine Broomhead

Photography by: Christian Harder

J Patryce Design specializes in high-end residential and commercial interior design in New York, New Jersey and beyond. Helmed by Joan Enger, the firm is known for their attention to detail and meticulous project management from conception to completion, handling everything down to the last throw pillow. The results speak for themselves. The spaces designed by the J Patryce firm are always sophisticated and classic, fit for the pages of an interior design magazine. See how this talented designer can transform your home.

Joan came to interior design after a full career in branding and marketing for luxury brands, such as Estee Lauder, Godiva, and Ralph Lauren Home. But while expecting her third child, she decided to leave the demands that come with a corporate career path and pursue her lifelong passion: interior design. With her husband’s encouragement and support, she enrolled at NYSID to study interior design and after graduating, found a job at Shostak & Company as a junior designer where she honed her craft. After nearly four years there, she set off to establish J Patryce Design in 2005. The business started small, literally. It was a desk in her walk-in closet, but she soon expanded into the commercial space in the garden level of her home. It was an easy decision. “Who could beat the commute,” she said, and from there the firm took off.

When beginning her work with a new client, Joan first plans the layout. If the project is a gut renovation or new construction, she prefers to be brought in early so she can work with the architect to fine-tune the floor plan and provide input on materials. This streamlines the process, saving clients the stress in decision-making and money on aesthetic missteps. She often teams up with her husband, who works in real estate development, on these types of projects, and they collaborate well together. Their first time joining forces in 2009 was on several units during a tough market, but with Joan’s designs, the units sold in four weeks. “From there – we knew we had a good thing,” she said. “It’s great because he trusts my judgment, and I know what is important to him from a quality, budget, and design perspective.”

During every project, Joan pays special attention to making each space feel unique. To do this, her firm frequently sources custom furnishings, rugs, lighting, window treatments, millwork, paint/wall coverings, greenery, and art. J Patryce owns its own collection of unique art and accessories available in their studio shop. “We are continually on the hunt for new and vintage offerings to perfect a given space,” said Joan. They also work closely with several local galleries to provide custom art that suits their clients’ tastes. J Patryce kitchens and bathrooms feel luxurious thanks to that same attention to detail executed with unique fixtures, cabinetry, lighting and materials aligned with their client’s budget and lifestyle.

Joan pays special attention to making each space feel unique

When a project is complete, Joan stresses the finishes touches. They easily improve a person’s quality of life. Joan highlighted three things. First, rugs that are the right size for a room (she often finds people go too small) cozy up a space and anchor the furniture plan. Second, plants and flowers give a home vibrancy and provide a sense of calm. Finally, great bedding and towels are essential to completing a high-end feel. Anyone can add these things to their home, and they instantly make a big difference.

J Patryce Design is busy. The firm is currently working on several projects, one of which is for a couple on the Upper East Side with an envious art collection (Matisse, Warhol, Lichtenstein, Magritte), but whether there’s rare art involved or not, Joan creates unique and refined interiors every time.

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