On My Radar | Yes, You Can Paint a Small Space a Dark Color

Written by: Christine Broomhead

Photography by: Robert Socha



PROFESSION: Owner of Luna Rosa

ON MY RADAR: The Color Charcoal


Charcoal is appearing not just on accent furniture and pillows but is becoming popular on walls, even in smaller spaces like so many Hoboken apartments. The key to making this bold choice work is to make it feel light and bright even though it is objectively dark. You can achieve this in a number of ways.




  • Bring metallics and mirrors into the room because they catch and redistribute light.


  • Use bright accent colors like fuchsias and reds because these add warmth and vibrancy, necessary qualities to ensure the space doesn’t feel dour.


  • Incorporate plants because they connote sunlight, growth, and life which resonate with us on a primal level and connects us to the outdoors.



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