About Town | Naturalist Brings New Earth to Sky

Written by: Dena Landon

Photography by: Robert Socha

When the board of SkyClub wanted something special to spruce up their lobby, they didn’t have to go far. One of the board members walked out of the building, through a small park, and into the design showroom of Naturalist Interiors. Their goal? To find something unique and memorable. They thought that it would mesh with Naturalist’s goal – to bring nature inside.

“People crave a connection with nature,” Kara Kelly of Naturalist Interiors, believes. “Our products bring nature into an urban space.” Wall gardens, reclaimed wood tables, and metal accents with a luxe feel incorporate nature’s textures into the home, office, or lobby.



While Naturalist’s work tends to be custom, SkyClub took a piece from inventory. The large conference table, made of two planks of wood with resin running through them, serves to bring people together in the lobby’s community room.

Board member and resident Brenda Wolfe feels that the table adds a high-end and special touch. “It was the first piece we chose, one that’s really different and unique. Not something you see in stores.” It’s drawn people working from home out of their apartments and into the communal space where they connect with other residents.


After selecting the table, the Board also decided to have Naturalist designer Serkan Yapicilar provide a custom logo to go behind the concierge’s desk. While Kelly says that “they let our designer take the lead on the logo,” Wolfe thinks that he was “helpful and professional figuring out what our needs were.”


It’s drawn people working from home out of their apartments and into the communal space where they connect with other residents.


The Board wanted something fresh and original, rather than a painting that could become outdated in a few years. Serkan came in and took measurements, then went back to design a wall garden that surrounds the SkyClub logo.

“Before, the lobby had a Tuscan feel with gold floors,” Wolfe describes the previous space, “It was very dated. Now, it feels very luxurious.” Naturalist installed the logo wall near the project’s end, giving the lobby a focal piece that pops. When people enter the refreshed space, it draws the eye and soothes the spirit after the city’s bustle.

For Naturalist, “It was an honor to give them something really beautiful to look at now when they are emerging out of their home,” and to work with one of the oldest buildings in Hoboken, giving it new life. Because the Board had to reach consensus on the designs, everyone was happy with the results. SkyClub has a fresh, green space that draws people from the park outside its doors into the lobby, and Naturalist deepened its roots in the Hoboken community.

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