On My Radar | The Top 5 Design Trends of 2019

Written by: Christine Broomhead

Photography by: Robert Socha & D&G Interiors + Design


When designing a space, we want to create a look that lasts, and to do this, we must consider where interior design is heading. I asked Marisa Drogin and Brian Garcia of  D & G Interiors + Design for their expertise on the latest trends. Here are the top five new trends they’re seeing.



THE EVOLUTION OF GOLD & BRASS: Gold and brass have become popular choices for fixtures over the last few years. Now we’re starting to see them mixed with other metals, like silver or darker/black hues.

Retzlaff 3-Light Drum Chandelier from


WARMING TONES: Grey has been the go to color for a neutral, sophisticated look. However, this colder palette is slowing fading from fashion as taupe and warmer tones are increasingly used on walls, cabinetry, and furniture.

Lily Chair from West Elm


THE END OF MODERN: Modern minimalist style has been ruling aesthetic for last decade, but now people are gravitating towards more traditional looks. This has given rise to a “transitional” style. This look provides more security and warmth. The kitchens use matte finishes and incorporate more detailing. Rich woods are being used more frequently instead of the sleek white we’ve all gotten accustomed to.

This beautiful warm kitchen is the work of D+G Interiors. Check out more about their gorgeous homes here.


FURNITURE WITH CHARACTER: Furniture isn’t all clean lines anymore. It is beginning to feature more wood grains, more curves, and an overall softer and more inviting palette.

Avalon Rattan Bar from CB2


THE RISE IN VIBRANT FABRICS: Grey and black geometric fabrics are slowing losing steam, supplanted by old dutch fabric styles. Fabrics in saturated jewel tones are becoming more popular on couches and chairs, lending themselves to the overall warming we’re seeing in interior design.

Midnight Jasmine Frannie Accent Chair from Anthropologie