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Home Tours | A Top-Floor Retreat

Written by: Dena Landon

Photography by: Robert Socha

When Jeanne Shanahan approached Kaja about off-market listings in Hoboken, she never expected for there to be one that met all of her needs. When she first walked into the former factory, turned apartment, Jeanne saw the possibilities of changing the space over her lifetime to make it a home. It’s a decision she hasn’t once regretted.

The previous owners had painted the rooms in competing colors of blues and yellows, which made the space feel choppy. Before even moving in, Jeanne had all the walls painted a neutral white. In a way, it symbolizes the fresh start she and her sons found in their first home after her divorce.

Because the previous owner’s cat had scratched up the dark wood kitchen cabinets Jeanne either had to replace or paint them. Paint was the cheaper choice and Jeanne loves how the white cabinets and countertops tie to the living room. Stainless steel appliances complement the clean aesthetic.

In the living room, she enjoys great views of Weehawken Cove and the city all the way down to the World Trade Center. Two mirrors on either wall reflect water views and flood the room with light. “I wanted the living room to make me feel peaceful and happy when I walked in,” she says, so she relied on the expertise of Diane Stiglich, owner of nearby boutique Luna Rosa Home, to pick out the pillows, linens, and bedding.

The master bedroom stretched for 27 feet, which represented a design challenge. Jeanne decided to break up the space by having custom built French doors installed at one end to create a separate sitting room.  She specified the height of the glass panels and it was her idea to install the glass transom above them.

Because she also wanted to use the sitting room for visitors, she put a daybed decorated with linens from Luna Rosa at one end. It’s the perfect spot for her college-age son Christopher to crash when he’s home from school. Window shades that are raised from the bottom up give both rooms privacy but still leave ten feet of sunlight to stream into her bedroom.

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When she moved back to the city Jeanne wanted the chance to make her new place a comfortable, safe home for her sons. Her oldest was still in high school and over time she’s transformed the apartment to accommodate her family’s changing needs. At this point, she’s not only happy with her impulsive decision to buy, she “loves our family and loves our family in that apartment.”